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Dragon's blood incense is my favourite! If I feel tense atmosphere at home, someone has visited us and our relationships aren't relaxed or when I feel I need more love then I burn just that insence. It gives lovely fresh being and a sweet aroma to the curtains. After I've burnt the insence, I feel "fresh" and clean again!
My sleep guards crystals that I have purchased from Moonmagic shop. Sometimes I feel like I need to change them at the headboard, but overall my sleep guards Tiger's eye, Amethyst, Rose quartz and I always put there my bracelets too. I just feel like I need them close to me. Other crystals are at my mirror's basis, so they had to be more powerful. #fullmoonmagic
Moonmagic incense bases are my favorite. I love that they are made in Estonia and from craftwork. They have different energy. It matters who and how they have been produced. It will spread to product also. Of course I love to use Palo Santo stick and Sage torch too, but Fathima incense base and Sage incense are my favorite! Thank you for the manifesting tricks too! It works!
liina r.

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